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Technical characteristics

  • Made with stainless steel AISI 304L (technical features →)
  • This type of walkway provides maximum safety for the fitter excluding cable damage during installation and avoiding contact with the sharp tips of the metal wire of the traditional catwalks
  • Ensures optimal ventilation conduits, thus decreasing its normal heating
  • They are also secured easy access to cables and the possibility of preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • The system Canalfil requires the use of few accessories, and the assembling is execute directly on site.
  • Any derivations and the curves are created manually with the aid of a normal shears and a clamp.
  • This enables you to save up to 60% of installation time resulting in a reduction of the final costs of the system
  • Complies with CEI EN 61537


Measure available

Cod.222‐100 L.100 
Cod.222‐150 L.150 
Cod.222‐200 L.200 

Technical Specs

P/N Size (mm) Weight (Kg/m)
Cod.222‐100 100 1,0
Cod.222‐150 150 1,2
Cod.222‐200 200 1,5

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