Characteristics Canalfil

Characteristics Canalfil

The raceways cable carrier Canalfil are the best technology on the market today in terms of ease of installation and durability.

Welding T

All cable raceways Canalfil have the weldingwire head to “T”. This characteristic makes sure that the cables are not damaged and your work is more comfortable and safe.

Cover quick connect


To protect cables in particular situations, the cable raceways Canalfil have stainless steel cover that fit perfectly and are assembled in an extremely easy.

Curves wide and narrow

With Canalfil can make more complex and tortuous pathways in quickly and safely. With a few accessories Canalfil can achieve large curves and narrow, depending on your needs and your project.

Differences in height

Even in difficult situations, Canalfil fits overcoming the most difficult obstacles.

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